Satellite & Internet Radio Network with automatic ads replacement in remote radio stations


HARDATA SNCoIP Technology automates the local ads replacement in remote radio stations.

How does it work?

The main station inserts commands on the programming that signals the beginning and end of their commercial segments. The commands, already encrypted and synchronized with the audio are send through the internet and only can be decoded by the authorized remote radio stations.

When the remote stations receive the command to start the commercials, the system automatically replaces the audio from the main station for the local commercials, reconnecting with the main station once the command to do so is indicates it.

The commercial segment can last more or less that the one stablished by the main station. If needed, SNCoIP generates an automatic local audio filling to synchronize the difference in duration. In all these cases the SNCoIP allows to take decisions regarding which content is a priority: the local commercials or the main station program.

All transitions use crossfades between audios when connecting or disconnecting, making the switches imperceptibles.


What do I need in the Main Station?

The main station must use with HARDATA HDX RADIO and have a HARDATA SNC Encoder. It must also have a streaming server to distribute the audio and data through the internet. SNC Encoder possesses a user manager in order to visualize which remote stations are connected and grant permission to decode the commands.

What do I need in the Remote Station?

The remote station must use DINESAT RADIO and have a dedicated 512 Kbit/s minimum Internet connection.


Satellite Networks

HARDATA SNC Technology makes it easy to synchronize and safely distribute content to remote stations and replace national with local advertising. The system handles commands for adverting inserts and deletions, remote recording from the audio channel broadcast history, programming to remote stations and synchronizes network time zones.

The system generates an automatic local audio fill, which allows the user to synchronize time delays between national and local advertising breaks. The system also automatically detects satellite outages, re-routes feeds to local programming and then reconnects to restored satellite feeds, all handled seamlessly using crossfades.

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