Company Profile

In February 1997, Gustavo Pesci and Gustavo Fayard founded HARDATA. Mr. Pesci has been devoted to engineering and developing A/V content administration software since 1987, including tenures with Solidyne, Sonidovisión Argentina and AEQ Spain. He currently serves as Chairman/Founder of HARDATA.

Mr. Fayard, also recognized for his industry experience, is HARDATA’s Vice President/Founder. His career includes work for Muzak and Hilo Musical, among others.

HARDATA entered the digital audio market in 1997 with the introduction of product solutions that supported the start-up of some of the world’s largest satellite networks. The company has been on a continuous growth path as a result of the successful development of standardized products including Dinesat, Satellite Control Technologies (SNC) and the HARDATA HDX Server as well as software integration consulting projects around the world.

In the radio market, more than 3,000 radio stations rely on HARDATA technology to manage digital content distribution, including some of the largest in Mexico and South America: Cadena COPE from Spain, Grupo Clarín (Radio Mitre; FM100; Artear, Canal13; Tele Red Imagen, TyC Sport), Ideas del Sur (AM del Plata, Spika), Infobae (Radio Diez, Mega 98.3) and Grupo CIE from Argentina, Cadena Radioactiva from Chile, Grupo Crystal 7 and Grupo ACIR, México.

In the last few years the company has brought to market several innovative products for the television market, most significantly the HARDATA SMART FLOW Ecosystem.

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