Audio Management for Radio Networks, Record, Catalog, Search, Playout, Instant Play


Store, catalog, search, and broadcast audio clips instantaneously

Designed for larger radio stations and those that need to manage more than four stations from the same location, HARDATA HDX RADIO 3’s strong client/server architecture functions as a centralized management hub for each station’s audio, text and news content.

In addition to delivering the same operational benefits of DINESAT, HDX RADIO 3 can also combine the audio, text and listener phone call recordings from the management system and overlay all of those items into one output.

HDX RADIO 3 is ideal for those who manage remote stations from the primary station’s master control. The system automatically generates commercial replacement commands for the remote stations via satellite or internet. Robust storage capacity maintains system performance by distributing content among multiple storage units.

HARDATA HDX RADIO 3 is a complete content management system which allows content ingest, catalog, search and retrieval, incorporating advanced licenses and a user’s actions audit system. This system can run an HDX SERVER SYNC service that synchronizes content, metadata and programming for optimal availability.

To share database and content, HARDATA HDX RADIO 3 allows users to add HARDATA HDX IPLAY 3 stations.


  • Radio Broadcasters Automation.
  • Radio Networks operation and automation, by satellite or internet, including head stations and remote ones.


  • Radio broadcast automation via satellite or Internet.
  • Radio network operation and automation from one master control.

Features Overview

Auto Mix

Better than a live DJ, it automatically detects the optimal mix points of music themes and other programming, resulting in smooth crossfades and optimal sound levels.

One-Touch Tools

Advanced tools make managing content playout easy and efficient with options to Play Over, Voice Over, Fade, Fade Over and Crossfade.

LIVE Assistance

This new feature simplifies cueing, letting you cue audio clips instantaneously.

RDS Support

Lets you display station name, title, artist and personalized messages on the listener’s radio screen.

Time and Weather

With system updates from the internet, broadcast information regarding time and temperature can be added by pressing a key, or included in programming.

Music Scheduling

The system allows you to easily create musical programming establishing selection criteria, such as artist name, rhythm, priority, year, etc.

News Search and Editing

Ideal for production and broadcast of news programs, it automatically captures news from wire services using search and editing tools, and supports creation of text files with embedded audio.

Web Access (Content Manager + Reports)

All HARDATA RADIO solutions feature an integrated web access capability to manage content and generate remote reports. Compatibility-tested on both PC and MAC platforms, Web Access previews content, imports and exports content to the server, and generates broadcast reports.

Call Management

Answer, record and manage listener call-ins while recording and managing reports through a DTMF command system.


The system can make continuous recordings from one or several sources that may be used as an official, legal copy.

SNC Technology for advertisement replacement

This technology automates the commercials replacement on the remote stations that retransmit a main station. The operation is completely automatic and unattended. The changes between the main station and the remote ones are unnoticeable. The audio and the commands signals from the main station are received through the internet.

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Audio engine with ShotPlay Technology

HARDATA SHOT PLAY is an audio reproduction system designed to operate on extra low latency on a wide range of hardware. Included support for Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) cards further speeds output.


HARDATA HDX RADIO 3 platform is fully compatible with all AoIP protocols, AES-67 standards, and LIVEWIRE+ technology certified from AXIA company.

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