Audio & Video Management for Radio Networks, Record, Catalog, Search, Playout, Instant Play


Audio and video management for radio stations

Designed for mayor radio stations, HARDATA HDX Radio 4 takes full advantage of SMART FLOW 4 content management features, allowing to record, import, program audio and video materials, maintaining the operative features of a radio station.

Besides the traditional audio output, HARDATA HDX Radio 4 generates a video output that can be used for TV or web or social media publications.

HARDATA HDX RADIO 4 is ideal for those who manage remote radio stations from the main station. The system automatically generates commands for advertisements replacement on remote stations, allowing to control satellite or internet networks.

HDX RADIO 4 allows the user to distribute content automatically between the main and remote stations.


  • Radio Broadcasters Automation.
  • Radio Networks operation and automation, by satellite or internet, including head stations and remote ones.


  • Radio broadcast automation via satellite or Internet.
  • Radio network operation and automation from one master control.

Features Overview

Audio & Video Playlists

Supports audio and video materials on the playlist. It maintains all the radio Station classic operations features, including fades, crossfades and adds.

Video output for TV & Streaming

Besides the traditional audio output, HARDATA HDX Radio 4 generates a video output that can be used for TV or web or social media publications.

Auto Mix

Better than a live DJ, it automatically detects the optimal mix points of music themes and other programming, resulting in smooth crossfades and optimal sound levels.

One-Touch Tools

Advanced tools make managing content playout easy and efficient with options to Play Over, Voice Over, Fade, Fade Over and Crossfade.

LIVE Assistance

This new feature simplifies cueing, letting you cue audio clips instantaneously.

RDS Support

Lets you display station name, title, artist and personalized messages on the listener’s radio screen.

Time and Weather

With system updates from the internet, broadcast information regarding time and temperature can be added by pressing a key, or included in programming.

Music Scheduling

The system allows you to easily create musical programming establishing selection criteria, such as artist name, rhythm, priority, year, etc.

News Search and Editing

Ideal for production and broadcast of news programs, it automatically captures news from wire services using search and editing tools, and supports creation of text files with embedded audio.

Web Access (Content Manager + Reports)

All HARDATA RADIO solutions feature an integrated web access capability to manage content and generate remote reports. Compatibility-tested on both PC and MAC platforms, Web Access previews content, imports and exports content to the server, and generates broadcast reports.

Call Management

Answer, record and manage listener call-ins while recording and managing reports through a DTMF command system.


The system can make continuous recordings from one or several sources that may be used as an official, legal copy.

SNC Technology for advertisement replacement

This technology automates the commercials replacement on the remote stations that retransmit a main station. The operation is completely automatic and unattended. The changes between the main station and the remote ones are unnoticeable. The audio and the commands signals from the main station are received through the internet.

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Audio engine with ShotPlay Technology

HARDATA SHOT PLAY is an audio reproduction system designed to operate on extra low latency on a wide range of hardware. Included support for Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) cards further speeds output.



You can upload your news program and the announcer can see the texts to read. It offers different speeds and the possibility to play an audio material associated to each news.


Here you can assemble the news playlist for the announcer. The system allows to edit, arrange and print the news.


It connects to a News Agency, automatically downloads recent news and places them in a pre-established category.


It is an effective text editor that includes, in addition to all the necessary functions to create, edit and modify your news, a useful spell checker. With the quick highlight function you can easily indicate which text each speaker should read. From here it is possible to associate one or more audios to each news allowing you to generate audio, text and images multimedia content.


The system answers the call of the correspondents, identifies them, and allows them to record and listen to their notes.

SMART FLOW 4 on Radio

Our HARDATA SMART FLOW server works centralizing all audio and video content for programming and emission on a radio station. Through HARDATA HDX RADIO 4, it allows to generate multiple audio signals for radio and the corresponding video outputs for TV or streaming.

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HARDATA HDX RADIO platform is fully compatible with all AoIP protocols, AES-67 standards, and LIVEWIRE+ technology certified from AXIA company.

AXIA and LIVEWIRE+ are trademarks of THE TELOS ALLIANCE.


The perfect solution

Thanks to its exclusive playout engine HDX RADIO 4 can manage audio only materials, audio+video materials or mix both with seamless transitions.

Manage multiple cameras automatically. Depending on your console, cameras can be activated by GPI when opening or closing a microphone or detecting audio on each microphone channel, changing cameras depending on who is speaking. For example if two people are talking the software will select a view of two cameras one next to the other, or if everybody is laughing it will select a wide-angle scene.

With vMIX you can create predetermined scenes, full screen, split screen of multiple cameras or videos, or picture in picture from different sources. Then HDX RADIO 4 will control vMIX selecting the best scenes for each moment according to assigned priorities.

vMIX® is a vMIX.com product and trademark. It is not distributed with Dinesat and must be acquired directly at vmix.com by the end user.

In order to use the microphone audio automatic detection feature an IP audio console is required (Axia or similar). If you have an analog or digital console (AES/EBU) you will need to send the signal to each microphone separately by a multiple channel audio card.



There are as many video directors as people, each with their own style so, why should all radios look alike? We believe each station, or even each program can have its own personality. It is not the same a newscast, an afternoon show or a talk show, each program have its own rhythm and deserves a camera director to suit their needs.

SMART DIRECTOR technology provides different automatic modes to operate cameras and video signals to create your own style.


There will be moments when you will use SMART DIRECTOR, and there will be moments to be a protagonist and make your own choices regarding different scenes or graphics texts. To help you we designed VIRTUAL DIRECTOR, a Web App for any PC or Tablet to be used by a Station operator, a live producer from the booth, the control or production.


Free console channels on digital audio networks and operate HARDATA HDX RADIO 4 through a remote control on a Tablet. It works as a console extension to manage each window as a channel.

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