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Store, catalog, search, and broadcast audio clips instantaneously

HARDATA HDX IPLAY 3 is a system add-on that allows instantaneous audio clip broadcast. Based on HDX Server Technology, HDX IPLAY 3 provides a secure and flexible platform that stores, classifies, organizes and instantaneously broadcasts audio effects, programs, music and news.

Graphic snapshots identify content and touch screens provide large keys to enhance accuracy and ease of use. The system easily generates broadcast reports for copyright audit purposes.

By incorporating HARDATA HDX RADIO 3’s best features, HARDATA HDX IPLAY 3 is the easiest and most efficient audio manager for TV stations, and is easily integrated into radio station operations.

The HDX IPLAY Audio Management System creates three simultaneous audio players with independent controls, two for broadcast and one for cue. More than 60 instant play keys enable users to create global and user pages, play two audio clips simultaneously, and use the third player to cue.


Broadcast & Mobile Production for TV and Radio

Television Operation

Due to its flexibility and sharing options, HARDATA HDX IPLAY 3 is the optimal tool for TV studio sound operators. They can each create personal pages, save their own effects and audio clips on a local disc or create global pages that connect to the server and share files from every workstation on the network simultaneously.

HDX IPLAY 3 is easily installed on a notebook computer for remote applications such as sports broadcasts, events or mobile studios. Any new files from remote events can then be uploaded to the main server.

Radio Operation

HARDATA HDX IPLAY 3 is an ideal content broadcast system for radio station program directors, simplifying effects insertion and other programming breaks for broadcast. Entirely tapeless, it allows operators to ingest and catalog music files and sound effects to create a complete library.

The system can work independently or can be integrated with HARDATA HDX RADIO 3 and share database and content with a centralized server.

HDX IPLAY 3 is easily installed on a notebook computer for remote applications such as sports broadcasts, events or mobile studios. The system is optimized for auto control use by an operator/announcer, and content identification by graphic image makes it an ideal live production assistant.

As the software is continually updated, operators will soon be able to search and access content from any workstation on the network, or broadcast it instantaneously live from the studio.

Features Overview

Audio Graphic ID

Each key, optimized for touch screen display, has multiple indicators. It shows the title and length of each audio clip and identifies edit marks or loops. To visually identify audio clips, each key can be assigned an image.

Edition, Cataloging and Searching

Edited clips incorporate marks for accurate reproduction and can be cataloged for easy search using advanced metadata.

Programming API for Web Integration

An SDK is available to assist developers in creating web- based applications that can access the HARDATA IPLAY software through the API. These applications would be able to utilize the user management and security features as well as available audit and web data.


The system uses an intuitive GUI to manage three simultaneous broadcast players with independent controls: two for broadcast and one for cue. These audio players can be assigned to different audio devices and support Soundblaster soundcard compatibles or professional soundcards.

Sharing & Storage

HARDATA HDX SERVER 3 Technology allows all studios to share audio streams, and provides protection through strict security options. Files can be distributed across multiple storage arrays to maintain system performance.

Audio engine with ShotPlay Technology

HARDATA SHOT PLAY is an audio reproduction system designed to operate on extra low latency on a wide range of hardware. Included support for Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) cards further speeds output.

Other Advantages

Independent audio level control in each player.

Easy to expand to several workstations.

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